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SEO (search engine optimation) has become a part of digital marketing. To easily formal a new customer to need rank your site on the first page. Operating a blogger website or business website to required highly rank in major search engine. The following 29 best seo tips to optimise a WordPress site.

1. Domain & Hosting tips:-

When you are looking for a top-level domain for your business and famous due to unavailable that register ccTLD (country code top-level domain) like .us, .uk, .in, etc. The top-level domain name to not affect in search ranking. This is a list of country code top-level domain for use always for specific country:- .au, .br, .ca, .ch,
.co, .dc, co.uk, .in, .io, .us, .uk etc.
Beginner are use always shared hosting to manage your WordPress website, But not longer powerful for your site. For need, a load time decreases to a best WordPress hosting provider. A load time of 2 sec to less than for preference first in search engine ranking.

2. Quality content:-

All search engine was looking best information content in various location. 70% result of the first page is usually 2000 + content, but more content don’t always best content. The avoid the techniques of automatic content generated. The resolving spelling, grammar, factual errors in your content. The content should be used relevant to your website.
How to create quality content following the best tips to used on your website.
The Avoid:- Spelling mistake, High Readability, Grammer, Broken links and wrong information.
The use:- image alt tag, Quality and Quantity content, Headlines, Emojis, Bold Content Etc.

3.Optimization image:-

Images most powerful content to attraction to a user on your website. The 80% user in attraction to images also Downloadable byte on a webpage. The optimization images to save byte and increase the performance of your website. The optimization of an image to both benefits is size decrease and quality stable. The reduce the 80% load time of your website. The optimization image to remove all the unnecessary data. The online website image compressor is optimizilla.com to compress your image file and reduce 60% to 80% image size.

4. Video content:-

The video content increases user spend time and decrease bounce rate. The more than 2 minutes of user spend time is google consider a prime website. The video content is higher engagement in your post and SEO friendly. The facebook also understands future in increasing consumption of video and implement of video in facebook platform. The video is a stronger emotional connector to a user and high conversion rate on your product. Youtube is implementing only video and today the second largest search engine. The optimization video for SEO friendly and increase user experience. You have used a video compressor to decrease video file size and comfortable watch visitor.

5.Podcast content:-

The podcast content is original audio or video recordings, for available on the internet. The podcast content is the best way to reach a worldwide audience. Podcast content user easy download audio or video files and listing free. Podcast content is highly consumed content. A user can use a mobile app of a podcast and listen anytime, anywhere.
Example:- Hardworking time, Workout, cooking, Rest Time etc.
The podcast content to increase website engagement and spend time. The “ Seriously simple podcasting” plugin use Podcasting in WordPress. This plugin is powerful as it is simple to publish your content. This plugin use castor hosting allowed for media files. You have only one website to use multiple podcasts.


The Pinterest is a social media platform use only infographic images. In this platform find recipes, ideas, Knowledge, inspiration etc. You can create an interesting post for a drive traffic from Pinterest to your website. The infographic image more than likely to text or image content.
Decrease bounce rate and increase traffic + backlinks. Infographic image generates a unique connection between your website visitors. The infographic images to make SEO powerful and social bookmarking. The aim of infographic image at educating about interesting facts.

7. Understand user requirement:-

The user will engage/ visiting after on your website that important to understand user requirement. Frankly talking with a user and helping with using comment, live chat. The grasp, how to user react, engagement, interest, Country, behaviour after visiting your website. To understand the user requirement to help traffic is stable and continuous increase your website rank.

8. Search engine optimization (seo) friendly landing page:-

A landing page is a single page in all information about company and call to action. Landing page the best collection for increases the conversion rate of product or service. A landing page is best to choose for marketing and awareness about product or service. Now you’ re going to need to generate traffic without paid methods. That’s is used for SEO (search engine optimization) to drive an originally traffic and conversion.

How to make an SEO friendly landing page:-

Make a list of relevant long tail keywords for your landing page. The long tail keywords mean is 3+ words in Keyword. Include your keywords in title tags, meta description, header tags, image file names and don’ t use Keyword stuffing. The landing page speed is one of the SEO ranking factors in a search engine. The landing page Optimize for social media sharing, like, follow etc. The social media account also show in google search results.

9. Responsive design:-

Today is increasing mobile user continuously, and the first choice of internet user is mobile. The responsive design to easy navigation in both type of sites desktop or mobile. Google also consider SEO in responsive design. The responsive web design makes for user read a content and view product as well as on a variety of devices.
Example:- Desktop, tablet, mobile etc.

10. Internal links:-

Internal links a point at the same website in another pages/ posts. The links are hyperlinks use your domain name + Pages or posts. You have use keywords in anchor text for a relevant topic and SEO score increase. The internal links to allow users to navigate and detail information in a single post/ page. The internal links are best practice for bounce rate decrease and most useful for SEO friendly. If you have no need for this any links for use not an index attribute in a search engine is rel=”no follow”.

11. External links:-

External links a point at another website through hyperlinks. An external link is a point to an external domain. The search engines consider external links in your site is backlinks for external domain. But you’re external links in another site to make your backlinks. This process is càlled also off page SEO.

Backlink create methods ignore to optimize WordPress:-

1. The many websites are selling backlinks or offering thousands of backlinks in just $ 5 to $ 10 in one day. Please, these method is ignored for best practice SEO for your website.
2. Don’t use always follow links also use any no follow a link for SEO friendly.
3. The avoid generating a backlink software and spam comments.
4. Link exchange and directories submission is a very common way to build backlinks but not useful for your website.

12. Social media bookmarking:-

The bookmarking is a store a links website in a browser. So that visit website next time without remember. The social bookmarking is an online store the website links but also useful for SEO purpose. Mostly social bookmarking use for backlink of website and SEO rank increase.
A feature of bookmarking:-
Hundreds of site are provided free space to save social media bookmarking. They helping sharing article, engagement and social followers increase. They allow any type of links and without approval.
Get backlinks in high PR social bookmarking sites.

Social bookmarking sites:-

(1)Digg (2) stumble upon (3) delicious (4) folked (5) Reddit (6) Bizsugar (7) slashdot (8) scoop (9) fark  (10) Bibsonomy  (11) blog engage (12) Bookmax (13) citeulike (14) Diigo  (15) Dzone (16) Freelink (17) Flickr (18) kingo (19) Memotoo  (20) linkagogo (21) Myho (22) Newsvine (23) Pinterest (24) sitebar (25) slashdot

13. Avoid broken links:-

A broken link is a link on some webpage or post and sometimes after deleting this post/page that a search for an engine in a show this link is broken a link. This link also called dead link and showed error 404 in a browser. When a user follows this link and shows error code 404 to impact on user experience. The WordPress SEO point of view broken link very fast decreases your website ranking. So very important broken link fix and redirect another page/ post. The many websites and WordPress plugin to check broken links.

14.Long tail keywords:-

Keywords are words and phrases that internet user enter into a search engine, also called search queries. Keywords are needed for people are searching in a search engine and provide your website for this keyword search. The long tail keywords are more than 3+ words or phrase is called long tail keywords. The long tail keywords are a benefit is a low competition in the rank first page on search engine.
Example:- “ WordPress SEO optimization”
“Wordpress SEO tips”
“Search engine optimization tips”
“ SEO optimization tips”

15. Competition on keywords:-

You can usually find keywords with maximum search volume and low competition. That means is less than struggle to rank your website in a search engine first page and less struggle in backlinks, promotions, content etc.
The check keywords competition for tools is mangools, ahrefs, Semrush, Moz and Google keyword planner.

16. Install XML sitemap:-

The XML sitemap is a list of pages, posts, product all links for use submit on a search engine for telling me about all links to your website. The sitemap is helping to better crawl your website in search engine. The search engine optimization ( Seo) point of view necessary for creating XML sitemap. If some pages/ links on your website are not allowed to indexed. So you can index properly page, other links. To create XML sitemap in WordPress two ways:- Plugins, online websites. If you have using Yoast SEO plugin to generate our website sitemap easily.

17. No index duplicate:-

Duplicate content generally refers to same content in same domain/another domain. For a better understanding of taking an Example:- If you have used E-Commerce site and same product two or more than two time add on your site, that this content duplicate content. If you have used another website content copy, that is duplicate content. The SEO point of view search engine penalty on your website and decrease your ranking.

18. Do not use # in URL:-

The # in use URL for a demo of the link. but do not use # in URL permanently purpose. Why? Search engine #url consider a link invalid on your website. If your website any URL change and some problem face for use 301 redirects is a better option to safe search engine penalty. one of the biggest issues, if you can using URL in # tag.

19. Emojis:-

The emoji word comes from Japanese E+ moji character. The emojis is designed apple employee “ Willem van lancker” for iPhone. The emoji is electronic messages including emotion, expressions, animal, reaction, type of weather, places, object etc. Why use emoji on a website? The emoji is more than attractive from a text, image, video etc. The website user feels better after use emoji. The search engine optimization point of view bounce rate decrease.

20. HTTP to https:-

If you have to install SSL certificate on your website to automatically redirect HTTP to https. Https version is secure connection between a user on your website. The all secure sockets layer (SSL) certification to encrypt information negotiations. The SSL certification is three types:- “Domain validated certification” “Organization validated certification” “Extended validated certification” Today 60% to 70% internet user believe in protecting with SSL certification sites. So need for the best practice of SEO on your site. 2014 in google search engine announcement is https is necessary for increasing your website ranking.

21. Cache plugin:-

The WordPress platform in many cache plugin available for delete cache. The cache decreases the size of image, page, CSS files etc. The reduce website load time and remove history or revision of posts/ pages. The “w3 total cache” WordPress plugin use for WordPress website to remove all type of cache. This plugin use to feel like CDN integration.

22. CDN:-

Today CDN is most famous for use reduce server time or increase website speed. The CDN is a full form content delivery network. The CDN distribution servers on the geographic locations of the user. The CDN is effective in speeding the delivery of content on a website with high traffic and heavy website. The CDN find nearest servers to the send on website user.

23. Spam Comment:-

The spam commenting use for advertisements with spambot or spammer on a comment section. The link to the comment section uses spam website in the redirect of your website user. But some user of your website is a use of spam commenting for increase own website ranking. If you receive a lot of spam comments on your website to block comments from anonymous and use recaptcha approved for comment. The spam comment to the user does not believe in your website content and your website watching with spam website.

24. Social sharing button:-

The search engine also considers on social media activity and increase rank in effect with social media. The social sharing button to improve natural links, reach more people with social media, drive more traffic, bounce rate decrease on your website. But some page on your website does not use social sharing buttons:- About us, Contact Us, Privacy policy, terms & conditions, Disclaimer etc.

25. Google Analytics:-

In the search engine optimization keyword ranking are the best part of higher than traffic drive on your website. The google analytic in see organic search traffic to show your keyword ranking, Sessions, New Sessions, New user, Bounce rate, Session time spend, Behaviour of a user, Site speed timings, location, impression, click, your goal, real-time visitors Etc. All this option is helping to understand user and improvement in your content.

26. Monitor Webmaster:-

The most famous four webmaster search console on the internet. The google webmaster, bing webmaster, Yandex webmaster, Baidu webmaster. A webmaster is a manager of a search engine to manage sitemaps, crawls, site links, block URL, search queries, error etc. The first work after the ready your website is to submit your website on webmaster. The Baidu webmaster for China user only.

27. Regular update your old content:-

If you want to increase your rankings continue to improve/ update your old content. Otherwise, your competitor beat your website ranking. The fresh content, which is factor search engine determine the quality of your website. The search engine in show date with your content to increase click-through rate.why? So that most people watch the latest content for the best experience.

28. Guest post:-

The guest post meaning writing article and publishing another website for backlinks or fast promotion of your website. A good guest post for promoting all social media link to the post from your, comments reply on the post. Someone tips to publish the guest post:- check domain authority, page rank, Alexa rank, traffic and guest post accepted website. The guest posting to link high-quality domain in a backlink to impression SEO ranking.

29. Competitors:-

You can follow your related topic websites or keywords and follow some step to increase your website or keyword ranking. The best part of SEO is what is doing competitor and beat competitors following best strategy. Your Competitors to collect information that increases your website traffic. The competitor’s analysis tools:- Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, Similarweb etc.

I hope that this article would have been nice to you and if there is any question or suggestion, please comment below, and I will answer you.

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