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You are looking to learn WordPress Pages and post for website design. Creating a WordPress page/post is very easy but in this, you will try to explain some facts. So you can make your WordPress website more beautiful and well-ranked. This article will give you 3 tips that you should apply to your posts and pages.

1. SEO of Pages/ Post:-

It is often seen that we do SEO for WordPress post but ignore pages. The WordPress pages are as important as the post. When we search by typing a full name for a website on Google, we see four more links. Which is the pages of the website and their meta description is also visible.
Seo of pages
Let’s talk now WordPress pages and post both of these have seo stuff. Using keywords in WordPress pages & posts titles, meta descriptions, and content but copying the keyword direct copy would also be wrong.
Rather, the paragraph should mean keyword. Please minimum 300 words in content. There should be one or two images because 80% of the user likes the images.

You can use canva to create creative images and keep an eye on two things to upload to the image a website, that you can optimize the image and use another alt tag. Now whether it’s all in your article or not, you can check it by using Yoast seo plugin.
According to Google’s new update, you need to have https in your site, hope you know that.

2. Design of Pages:-

Now in the page design, there are three things to be careful Responsive, colours, fonts. There is a page builder that you can use in your website which allows you to design different template, section, column and many more drag-drop pages.
Elementor template
This software gives both free & paid service. To use colours on the website, you will suggest a site called w3school.com.In which you can check how combinations of colour in buttons, menus, social icons, and font-family, font-size can also be checked.

3. Difference between page and post in wordpress:-

Hey, we all know that the WordPress pages & post has seo and design. But now we know what is the difference between these pages and posts. wordpress pages use for static (constant, constant) content.
This does not mean that you can not use the post in Navigation / Menu, but you can do it but Google will see it as a post. In WordPress pages, you get the option of NO PARENT and PARENT in page attributes in a sidebar.

wordpress post use for dynamic (moveable, functional) content. Whenever you write a review, article or news of a product, you write in the post, which means you can choose different formats in it (like standard, aside, image, video, quote, link, gallery, audio etc.). Categories, tags, archive, and comment section, Social sharing this options for WordPress post.

I hope that this article would have been nice to you and if there is any question or suggestion, please comment below, and I will answer you.


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