wordpress installation steps

Hostgator recently launched a new optimized WordPress hosting plan, in which STARTER, PERFORMANCE, BUSINESS plan has started, the unique feature of this plan is that this plan is specially designed for WordPress. You get a pre-installed Jetpack plugin which is WordPress’s own and paid plugin which you get Hostgator hosting in free. Jetpack plugin helps to increase your visitor, save it from malware, Backups, Downtime Monitoring, Spam Protection etc. It has a lot of features.

Let’s start WordPress installation steps

#First thing you need to do is get a domain and hosting Before buying a domain and hosting:- I would like to give a small tip that on HostGator you purchased a domain and hosting twice, Will it happen that you can use two coupons.
hostgator coupon
I shared my experience I bought the domain that I got a 10% discount, a 50% discount on the WordPress hosting purchase and got a 20% discount on the SSL CERTIFICATE to buy. In this way, I received an 80% discount on just one website and in the Starter Plan. These coupons are found on the official website of Hostgator.

WordPress installation steps

#Second thing you need to do is connecting domain & hosting:- All this process can be done by calling Hostgator support, but you should also have the knowledge, so I can tell you at Nameserver is the first to connect. After login in Hostgator cpanel, you will see the option of manage order, click on the list/search command to Click on it.

You will see the domain & hosting, which is the first to click on the domain in which you have to Select Nameserver and copy the NameServer to notepad. And paste it into the WordPress DNS as well as wait to 24 to 48 hours so that Nameserver can be updated. After updating Nameserver, clicking wp-admin in WordPress hosting will arrive at the WordPress dashboard.

Wordpress Hosting Manager

During this process, it is a matter of note that whenever you go to the manage orders. when you select an order, only one product will be shown, but you will see it but will show it empty. As I went into the managed order and clicked on the domain, the details of the domain would be show and the other order would also appear but would be empty.

I hope that this article would have been nice to you if any mistake has been made, give your suggestion to the comment section below so that the article can improve.

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