wordpress General setting

WordPress General settings control some of the most basic configuration settings for your site. Including the site title, tagline, WordPress  URL, site URL, email, membership, timezone, and other time settings control from general settings.

wordpress setting

1. Site Title:-

The site title appears in the bar at the top of your browser, and whenever the search engine is searched by the name of your site, the title appears. In the site title, you must write 40 -70 word so that the search engine can show some detailed information about your site. 

2. Tagline:-

You can also call the tagline as a meta description of your website. In this example, use 100 -160 words so that you can give information about your website in the short. These meta descriptions use these keywords to increase Google ranking.

3. WordPress URL:-

Run the WordPress URL of the directory containing your WordPress core application files.If you installed WordPress into a directory called “blog” then the WordPress address would be https://bishnoifeed.com/Blog (where bishnoifeed.com is your domain name)

4. Site URL:-

People from entering this site URL in a browser to visit your WordPress website. you have used site URL with www and without www address, but WordPress URL and site URL always use the same URL. Because the site URL address is identical to the WordPress URL address unless you are going WordPress its own directory.

5. Email:-

Email section infill the email address in which WordPress can send you a message relating to the administrator and maintenance of your website. This address is used for admin purposes. If you change this, you will send an email to your new address to confirm it. The new address will not be active until confirmation.

6. Membership:-

Anyone can register yes/ no:- If you don’t know about this option for please leave blank this option.
check the checkbox if you want anyone to be able to register an account on your site. Choose role of user:- You select a role of a user in seo Editor, Seo manager, Subscriber, contributor, author, editor, Administration etc.

7. TimeZone:-

Choose a city in the time zone as you for in Africa, America, Asia, Atlantic, Australia, Europe, Indian, and UTC  timezone.  Coordinated universal time to your local for search google in “UTC time now”.
All other settings defaults, there is no need to change anything more.

I hope that this article would have been nice to you and if there is any question or suggestion, please comment below, and I will answer you.



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