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If you want to create your online E-commerce store then this wordpress woocommerce affiliate plugin is Best for you. We have a select quality & 12+ awesome woocommerce affiliate plugins/Softwares.

Today with 51,751,895 downloads wordpress woocommerce plugin power is 21% of all online E-commerce stores. Woocommerce plugin is now the most popular E-commerce platform on the most popular E-commerce platform on the web, According to builtwith.com. Now the best E-commerce platform competition is Shopify, Magento etc.
Woocommerce is an open source & free E-commerce store built up wordpress plugin, Create by wordpress (Automattic company).
We have discussed woocommerce affiliate plugins/software, Read an advantage of a woocommerce plugin.

An advantage of a woocommerce plugin:-

1. One of the Best advantages of the woocommerce plugin is that it is a free & Open Source.
2. This is a great plugin for individual & business are beginners on E-commerce.
3. The many thousands option for customization E-commerce platform.
4. Woocommerce store looks beautiful & Professional.
5. Speciality in web security, WordPress own hosting.

In this article listed 12+ Best wordpress woocommerce affiliate plugins/software to boost sale & earn a commission.

1. Woocommerce Envato affiliate plugin:-

Envato marketplace is the best for premium wordpress themes & plugins. Woocommerce store into an additional product from of ThemeForest, codecanyon, graphicriver,audiojungle, activeden, 3docean, videohive, photodune all is part of Envato market. Money profit generator plugin by joining an Envato affiliate network. Envato affiliate earns more than $3 million per year & earn 30% commission any first purchase by click on your affiliate link.
Choose any type of product from 9+ million on Envato market.

Woocommerce envato affiliate plugin


1. Import item from Envato in few seconds.
2. Bulk import products from Envato market.
3. The advanced search bar on this woocommerce plugin.
4. Great SEO content import from Envato market.
5. work with any type of woocommerce themes.
6. Advertising banners & widgets
7. Direct Checkout option.
8. Filter & Rating also import data from the Envato market.


1. Not an option add to cart/wishlist.
2. Don’t use in all type theme, only comfortable with a woocommerce theme.
3. A free theme is not a professional & beautiful.

Regular license is $36/one time payment.

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2. Mega Woocommerce affiliate plugin:-

Woocommerce mega affiliate plugin in bundle pack of 6 premium plugin, 1 woocommerce theme is 4 popular affiliate network with integrated.
Woocommerce mega affiliate plugin1) Woocommerce amazon affiliates plugin (Wzone):-
Top best selling Amazon affiliate plugin on the online market. This is the most stable and unique Amazon affiliate plugin.

Wzone Features:-

a) Insane import mode
b) Auto import Amazon products
c) Amazon automatic content spinner
d) Wzone Direct import
e) Wzone Report:- Product stats, click, conversion, redirect etc.
f) Bitly module:-Product short URL
g) GDPR (General data Protection Regulator)
h) Wzone product availability is a different country

2) Search Azon:-
Woocommerce amazon affiliates auto search plugin. The search bar in type any keywords to automatically search amazon affiliate product nearby location country. This plugin work with India, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan. A $17 plugin is free in mega affiliate bundle pack plugin.

3) Woocommerce eBay affiliates:-
Interest in eBay affiliate for this plugin best for import product from eBay affiliate account. The eBay affiliates plugin allows you to Thousands of products import from eBay into your website in just minutes. This plugin price is $30, But In this bundle pack, it is free.

4) Woocommerce Envato affiliates:-
This plugin for we have already discussed in previous in an article. This plugin is priced $36, But this plugin also free in mega bundle pack plugin.

5) Aliexpress affiliates:-
Aliexpress e-commerce store creates by Alibaba group in 2010. Aliexpress affiliates plugin to make our niche topic e-commerce website with integrate woocommerce.
a) Select all images import for each product.
b) Compatible with every wordpress woocommerce theme.
c) Add a product into pages/posts with shortcodes.
d) simply check product stats & conversions.
e) Import product title, content with SEO friendly.

6) Woocommerce sale funnel builder:-
This woocommerce plugin to create countdown preview, promotion page, Notification bar, Password Protection promotion etc. You can increase woocommerce website revenue by up to 200% more than after used this plugin. A plugin price $25, If you can buy woocommerce mega bundles it is free.

Note:- One woocommerce affiliate theme in a woocommerce mega bundle pack.
1) Bravo store theme:-
Woocommerce affiliate theme for wordpress compatible with wzone & another woocommerce plugin.
a) Shop by brands
b) Browsing history
c) Departments menu
d) show a discount percentage
e) custom shop filters
f) Full-width shop layout

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3. WPCJ Pro:-

Cj affiliate network operating in worldwide & create by alliance data. The power of CJ affiliate is 126m+ annually drive the transaction, 13B+ annually Engagement, 15B+ annually Realize revenue potential, 930m+ monthly reach global customers etc.
Try the woocommerce CJ affiliate plugin for import CJ items & earn a commission.

WPCJ Pro PluginFeatures:-

a) Automatically import items from CJ affiliate
b) Schedule import item from CJ affiliate
c) Just click to import more than 100s items in woocommerce theme.
a) Don’t show in high revolution
b) Not a lot of feature in this plugin
c) Only simple design

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4. Coinbase commerce for woocommerce:-

This wordpress plugin to cryptocurrency payment gateway on your woocommerce store. Coinbase commerce to create own woocommerce store with accepting cryptocurrency. A plugin to accept bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Litecoin etc.

Coinbase Commerce for WooCommerce pluginFeature:-

a) Let your customers pay with cryptocurrency
b) Most famous currency accepted Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.
c) Coinbase with fast and secure payment, without merchant commission.
d) Easy setup payment gateway
a) A conversion rate of cryptocurrency is under coinbase
b) More another cryptocurrency, not a support
c) Bitcoin transaction time is very high

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5. AffiliateWp:-

If you want to start a woocommerce affiliate website then affiliate plugin best for your woocommerce store. Affiliatewp is an affiliate marketing tools for sale product throw affiliate link generate. If you need a grow your business and make money with affiliate marketing. Usually, 20+ affiliate networks integrate with affiliates. In this plugin choose one by one integration enabled.
affiliatewp woocommerce affiliate pluginList of integration with affiliateWp.
1) Easy Digital downloads
2) Formidable Pro
3) Gravity Forums
4) ithemes exchange
5) Tigoshop
6) LifterMS
7) Marketpress
8) Membermouse
9) Memberpress
10) Optimizemember
11) Paypal
12) Paid memberships pro
13) Restrict content pro
14) Szmember
15) Ninja Forms
16) Shopp
17) Spront Invoices
18) Woocommerce
19) Wp Easycart
20) Wp-Invoice
21) Wp e-commerce
22) Zippy coursia

Note:- Not a confused about an affiliatewp plugin. This plugin to create own wordpress website affiliate progress created for a user can register in a program and sell your products.

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6. YITH:-

Yith woocommerce affiliate plugin designed a functional e-commerce shop. This plugin allows a user to create an affiliate profile and get commision on every sale of a product. Where you can sell products with promotion expensive prices.
A benefit of Yith woocommerce affiliate plugin:-
a) Third parties showing your products without effort
b) Give more visitor on your website without paid ads.
c) More visitor to increase sale your product without campaign run.

YITH woocommerce affiliate pluginFeatures:-

a) Choose pay commission is automatical & manually.
b) Information stored of each affiliation include:- Name, Date, Id, conversion, visit etc.
c) Set a different commission rate in each product.
d) create an affiliate history for each visit of contributors.
e) Approve automatically & manually new affiliates.
f) A time for clicks from the same user to don’t calculate accurate visitor.
g) A show report of commission in a dollar.
h) Notify on your email to each action your website.
i) Delete affiliates cookie after checkout.
j) Remove affiliate order by manually
Note:- YITH is provided many extension of the woocommerce plugin, But I have discussed YITH woocommerce affiliate plugin.

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7. Aliexpress affiliate Dropship:-

Aliexpress affiliate dropship plugin for a woocommerce store. An imported product from the aliexpress e-commerce site and sale in our woocommerce store. You have been writing good quality niche content to target a specific audience.
Aliexpress is e-commerce website stabilize on China, create by Alibaba group. In this store shopping online cloth, cellphones, computer, jewellery, watches, Home & garden, bag, fashion items tags, Beauty, vehicles, tools etc.

Aliexpress affiliate dropship pluginFeatures:-

a) Import any type, anytime product free aliexpress in one second.
b) Advance search bar to search categories, sub-categories, keywords & product native etc.
c) Visible clearly aliexpress products performances in a total number of a product, total products views, total redirected to aliexpress.
d) Product availability lives performing from aliexpress.
e) Import products by three types page, post, shortcodes.

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8. Magic affiliate plugin:-

Magic affiliate plugin integrated with wordpress woocommerce plugin. A build your woocommerce website affiliate program in simple steps.

Magic affiliate woocommerce softwareFeatures:-

a) Create an affiliate program in minutes.
b) Easy to use dashboard
c) You can easily integrate with woocommerce
d) Advanced plugin to received real-time reporting of sales clicks, commission etc.
e) You can set up a recurring commission of affiliate program.
f) Financial help for add signup bonus.
g) Add banner in an affiliate program with image, URL, flash.
h) Payment with PayPal mass pay.

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9. idevaffiliate:-

Expand your business by creating on your woocommerce website affiliate programs. Idevaffiliate is providing the affiliate program to establish on your website.

idevaffiliate woocommmerce SoftwareFeatures:-

a) Manage your commission in pay per click, pay per lead & action etc.
b) Add on coupon code commission.
c) Affiliate program recurring up to 10 tiers
d) Advanced fraud protection tools with fully block spam tools
e) Report download in CSV, PDF & excel file.

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10. Post affiliate pro:-

A post affiliate pro constantly adding new updates & features. Post affiliate pro is #1 rating in affiliate software, Review by G2Crowd, Trustpilot, Getapp platform. Integrate with overall all type of CMS, included woocommerce.

Post affiliate pro softwareFeatures:-

a) All types of affiliate links, select the best one for your needs.
b) Manage sales in multiple currencies and transfer in one default currency.
c) Create a private campaign for a specific user.
d) Implement multilevel marketing in an affiliate program.
e) 7 types of commission:- Action, Recurring, Lifetime, Split performance, group, multilevel etc.
f) 8 types banner add an affiliate program:- text link, image banner, HTML banner, peel banner, Lightbox banner, simple PDF banner, zip banner, flash banner.
g) Mass payments option to pay all amount of all user pay in onetime.
h) Customizable affiliate signup forms, affiliate panel etc.
i) 7 type create a report:- Quick, trends, map overlay, Campaign, top URLs, top affiliates, online user etc.
j) Post affiliate pro is based on modern framework GwTPHD.

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OMNISTAR affiliate software is a powerful tool for creating an affiliate program for your woocommerce business. You can easily set up an affiliate program in just 10 minutes.

OMNISTAR Woocommerce affiliate softwareFeature:-

a) Fully integration with, facebook, twitter & LinkedIn to easily promote links.
b) Customize & manage signup page with own requirements.
c) At anytime referral manage:- information, commission etc.
d) Percentage & fixed rate commission
e) Tons of pre-written email template to run email marketing.

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12. Referralcandy:-

Establish any e-commerce /woocommerce store affiliate program that best software is referralcandy. Tons of woocommerce store CEO, creator have trust in referalcandy software & safely run the affiliate program.

Referral Candy softwareFeatures:-

a) Easy integration with custom API and popular e-commerce platform.
b) Connect instantly with woocommerce, just sign in and Done.
c) Track referral engagement (Behaviours)
d) Track referral revenue, clicks, visits and shares.
e) Safeguard against fraud. Example:-self-referrals & multiple account use.
f) Distributed reward amount automatically.
g) Beautifully engagement promotion content in social media.
h) Customize a beautiful template to encourage referrals.
i) Multitype of rewards:- Cash rewards, discount coupon, custom gifts etc.
j) Need a help for quality support.

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13. Tapfilates:-

Try tapfiliate affiliate software to create own affiliate program woocommerce website. Just a setup in one minute without conversion fees.

Tapfiliate woocomerce softwareFeatures:-

a) Go viral on social media with three type send content:- Direct social showing, upload branded content, pre-create social posts.
b) A establish beautiful signup form
c) Integration with thousand of CMS system.
d) Recurring or lifetime commission in fixed/Percentage based.
e) Performance base increase bonus commission
f) Email marketing integration with MailChimp campaign, Automattic email sent after signup.

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Doubt Finalize:-
In this article, We have been told about two ways affiliate program.

First one is:-
Creating an affiliate program for your website, In which you will commission the publisher’s account and product according to pay per sale, pay per click etc. This affiliate program is the product or service of the owner itself.

The second one is:-
In this, you join the affiliate program of another major website and import product into your website to promote. Whenever the user clicks on the product or checkout, then the user will be redirected to that affiliate program website. This means that the product will not be itself.

That is, you can earn money by giving or taking an affiliate commission. You can make your affiliate program or joining a website affiliate program to earn money.



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