E-commerce theme in Feature

This feature not a fix and necessary for your website. But almost feature requirement for awesome e-commerce website builds by helping with WordPress theme. This feature is my personal opinion and according to face an issue on my e-commerce website. The show 10 feature retirement for e-commerce WordPress theme.

  • Optimize images:-Optimize

This images collected from a camera and make from photoshop and adobe illustrator file size very large. The optimize images mean the same format, resolution and quality to decrease size. Image optimization to decrease website load time spend. The google page speed tool to check your image optimize requirement.

  • Slideshow:-Slideshow

A slideshow is a presentation of product or image of the best selection of your website product or image in homepage. A slideshow most population feature use in an e-commerce website. The result:- Increase user engagement, the best collection of offers in find quickly, save time etc. A good slideshow for use buttons, auto and manual slide, attractive image, text content is brief of product etc.

  • Content management:-Content manage

The control of your content image, text, a video is called content management. A good user experience, low bounce rate, look beautiful, find everything on your website all type content is best position selection is good content management. A better understanding of your website for every product or other information is a need for content management.

  • Customer testimonials:-Customer Testimonials

A customer testimonials feature to use in WordPress theme for build trust 100% in the products and service. A mostly user believe in what is people says about in this product and service. The connect and conversion rate increase on emotions with customer testimonials, customer testimonials place in the homepage of your website to increase social media rating and likes.

  • Menu:-Menu

Today drop-down menu is a requirement of an e-commerce website. A drop-down menu is a navigate and listed categories of product and service. A shortcut to the find product categories and sub-categories. When a user comes to your e-commerce site landing page 20% items found in the drop-down menu. The WordPress e-commerce theme also needs double hover menu.

  • Related product:-Related Product

You can build a product page that also use relation product to boost your product sales. If a user can confuse select product and related product more than a better favourite of a user or another product also recommend to buy a product. If your theme does not show a related product to decrease your sales and conversion rate.

  • Mobile friendly:-Mobile Friendly

A google new algorithm to necessary of a mobile-friendly website. Today also increase of mobile user and mobile app. A 80% internet user follows than the mobile-friendly theme to lose google ranking and users. Mobile friendly test for use google page speed tool.

  • Minimal:-Minimal

Minimal theme design means is a simple and clean site to stay user longtime and best result in sales. A minimal design a popular web design for creator and user in the last five years. Also, minimal design is timeless, with plenty of whitespaces. A beautiful design and also show clearly all type of content image, video, blog post.

  • Membership:-Membership form

A membership form to user register/ login section and a user can add another detail name, address, phone number, pin code etc. This form in a register after user same product in wishlist/ favourite section to buy next time. A form to collect other information:- mobile number, email, date of birth, payment options, reference etc.

  • Pop-ups:-Pop up

A pop-up in WordPress e-commerce theme for a collection of emails to engage user offline and generate brand awareness. A google new update in pop-ups is considered a spam and lose ranking, but if you can use properly steps to pop-ups to beat google algorithm. The average 10% conversion rate of pop-ups on a landing page.

I hope that this article would have been nice to you and if there is any question or suggestion, please comment below, and I will answer you.

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