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Awesome demo content is included in WordPress premium theme and same free themes. When we look at a live theme preview, we see images, text, widget, social icons, layout already installed. It looks like everything is demo content. Now we talk about how that demo content can help us.

Demo content benefits

1.Image size:-

When we install WordPress theme, we are confused about how we keep the image of the post feature image of our theme or what size of the logo image, footer, sidebar, advertising banner etc. When we look at the theme live preview, we like to see the theme. But after installing the theme, we do not see that demo content and we do not like the theme as nice as we did.

So importing demo content can check the size of each image, logo etc. There are two ways to check, one can right click on the image and go to another media library and check the details of the image. This way you can make the best image size for the website.


If you see a colour without installing a demo content, you will see something different colours on your website. Demo content will help you with colour in the button colour, text colour, navigation colour, body colour, social media colour. You can visit the w3school website to add more beautiful colour to your website. You will get the option of live
preview change of colour.

3. Font Style:-

If you try to understand font-family, font-size, font-style in Directly theme, this is a bit tricky but this is what you will see after installing the demo theme, you get default font-family, font-size which is Your Theme has been used.

4. Navigation:-

The premium theme is trending today, you get 4-5 different demo themes and get different sidebar, layout, navigation. If you add navigation without demo theme, you will have to customize too much so demo theme is needed for navigation.

5. Widget:-

You might be thinking how we can help in the widget or Why a Demo Theme is Required for a widget. Not at all that you do not need a demo theme for a widget. Many widgets help you how to add links to the widget and keep the settings.

I hope that this article would have been nice to you and if there is any question or suggestion, please comment below, and I will answer you.

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