Install Wordpress Locally

Today, we talk about run WordPress on localhost on your computer, whether it is a windows pc or a mac. First of all, there are two reasons for installing WordPress on our computer, because we will not be able to get a domain name and a hosting plan.

Also, We can test everything in WordPress how it works. When You install WordPress locally, and all your files are stored on a computer hard Disk.

Later You can transfer it to an online website. That’s just installing WordPress plugin and exporting the local website to the live website. Let’s Start WordPress to install a WordPress bitnami. Which you can run in window or Mac operating system.

Features of Bitnami WordPress:-

(1) Thousands of beautiful themes, many optimized for mobile friendly.

(2) Thousands of plugin for E-commerce Seo, email, Spam filtering, Analytics and

(3) One-Click install solution for WordPress.

(4) Multi-user and multi-blogging capabilities.

(5) Check the WordPress demo on a browser without installing.

How to run WordPress on localhost

To download this software to run WordPress on localhost, please google search for bitnami WordPress and the first website will be where you will get separate files for both an operating system, one of which is your operating system to download it is to download the file size Approximately 100MB to 150MB. 

When you install, you will ask your language, do you want to install phpmyadmin, want to place your file’s location and click on next.
Now you will have to fill the Admin form which will ask you real name, email, login id and twice you have to fill in the password.

to run WordPress on localhost thing to note is that you have to remember this user id and password because you will ask this when you log into WordPress. Enter Your Website Title.

install wordpress on window

After about five minutes, I will see some such window in which you will have to click on access WordPress.

install wordpress on locally

install wordpress on localhost

Now you have to type in your search bar localhost/WordPress/login.

install wordpress

Then run WordPress on localhost

you will see the admin area and WordPress in which you have to enter your user id and password that you filled in when installing bitnami.
After all, the bitnami WordPress software has been installed.

Now the best thing is that you can install plugins on it which you will not get do you need to install any extra software.

 I hope that this article would have been nice to you and if there is any question or suggestion, please comment below, and I will answer you.



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