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Affiliate marketing means that the product is available in the market and its promoting third party is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing gives commission you when selling the product of a third party. This is performance-based marketing. You do not have any product here to make money online.

Why use affiliate marketing?

The affiliate marketing is the best and highest paying advertising platform for your WordPress website.
If you implement affiliate marketing on your WordPress do not pay to visit your site, pay only sell each product and get free traffic, no need for selling department hire for your website.

1. Colorlib:-

A colorlib website founded in 2013 by Aigars Silkalns. This site is built on the niche topic of WordPress themes only. The first traffic on this website is 300k in free WordPress theme download topic. Today, Estimated traffic is 7M total visits per month. The most targeted country is India, USA, Uk, Brazil, turkey etc. The top 2 organic keywords are 6% of total traffic is “free WordPress themes, free website templates” and the total referral traffic 4% to 42% traffic from GitHub.

So what is earning from WordPress affiliate themes:-

The total traffic is 7M and ThemeForest website in sending 30% of traffic = 2M. This traffic sends by using ThemeForest affiliate link. If assume 1% to 2% Conversion rate of total traffic is total earning is ( total convert user is 2000/4000 * Average theme cost is minimum $20 to $60) * 30% affiliate commision. So the minimum monthly profit is 2000*$20*30/100 = $120000 net profit per month.

2. Athemes:-

Athemes is founded in 2013 by Charlie and developer of VLAD. The Athemes in some own free & paid WordPress themes. The total visits in per month are estimated 2M with 10%+ only single country the USA to drive traffic to this site. The top 2 Referring traffic on the site is codeinwp & themegrill is total traffic into 1% send into Athemes website. The 1 Organic keyword “ free WordPress themes” to get 10% + traffic in Athemes. This website also uses in niche topic WordPress themes.

How many make money with WordPress theme affiliate commissions.

The Athemes is using three affiliate website for getting commissions. The ThemeForest is 30% commission, wrappixel is 30%, themeisle is 55% commission per sale. The ThemeForest in drive traffic is 10%, so 200k and assume conversion rate 1 to 2%, that is converted traffic is 2000 to 4000 and the minimum average cost per product in ThemeForest$20.

Minimum profit = 2000*$20*30/100 => $12000

The second site is wrappixel in drive 30% traffic from them, so 60k users and assume conversion rate is 1 to 2%, that is 600 to 1200 converted user and minimum cost of a product is $24.

Minimum profit is  600*$24*30/100 => $4320

The third Affiliate website is themeisle is affiliate commission is 55% and receiving traffic from Athemes is 15%, that is 300k user drive in themeisle and assume conversion rate 0.5 to 1% and minimum cost of a product is $105. o the converted user is 1500 to 3000 per month. 

Minimum profit is 1500*$105*55/100 => $86625

Note:-  The third affiliate website themeisle is product cost high, this reason to assume only conversion rate 0.5% to 1%. The conversion rate, not a fix this depends on the product.

The total profit is  $12000+$4320+$86625 => $102945 per month.

3. Codeinwp:-

This website launched in 2013 and founder is Lonut Neagu. The codeinwp is aim is a blog about WordPress to easily understand. This website is mostly focused on WordPress web hosting. The codeinwp website is total traffic is 700k, In which 20% traffic from the USA. The “Best free WordPress themes 2018” keyword to get 1% traffic on codeinwp.

What is earning from WordPress theme affiliate commission:-

The codeinwp using one affiliate sites link to earn a commission. The first site is themeisle in redirect 30% traffic from codeinwp, so 210k traffic drive in themeisle and assume 0.5% to 1% conversion rate. The affiliate commission is 55% and minimum product cost $105. That is 1050 converted user per month.

Minimum profit is 1050*$105*55/100 => $60637 per month. 

4. Raratheme:-

The raratheme is created in 2015 for goal free & paid WordPress theme to provide. The raratheme is total traffic is 180k and bounce rate of 47%. The traffic by top 5 countries is the USA, India, Vietnam, Brazil, Turkey etc. The traffic source is 32% direct visit site, 26% of referrals / Backlinks, 35% search engine, 3.60% Social Media, 1.61% Emails. The Referrals to received traffic is,, Athemes etc. The organic keyword is “ free WordPress theme” to received is 3.84% of traffic in raratheme.

Estimated make money from WordPress themes affiliate commission:-

The raratheme site is using two WordPress affiliate commission site joined. The first one is, this site is sending 24% traffic. The mean is 43200 user visit on ThemeForest. The assume 1 to 2% conversion rate, that is 432 to 864 user convert in unique user to purchase WordPress themes.

The minimum profit is 432*$20*30/100 => $2592

I hope that this article would have been nice to you and if there is any question or suggestion, please comment below, and I will answer you.

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