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WordPress security is a very important topic for your website. If you do not pay attention to the security of your website then all your hard work will be lost. So this article is very important to you. Hackers use to access your wordpress website through bots and sometimes hack your website for many reasons:- Simple password, Miss Point.

Best wordpress security plugins:-

In this article select, a five best wordpress security plugins and I don’t talk about pros & cons of Plugins. In the wordpress platform, there’s a lot of security plugin. But I have a select best security plugins.

Best Security Plugin For wordpress

1. Wordfence:-

It’s a huge performance hit the people, the must of people saying okay. Wordfence security free version does a whole lot of stuff so really there’s no reason. You even need to paid version because of the free version of wordfence lot of features. I recommend after you install you run a scan right away manage with a list. A wordfence scan a spamvertising check, spam check, blacklist check, server state, file change, malware scan, content safety, Public files, password strength, vulnerability, user & audit etc.

Wordfence Plugin Download

2. All in one wordpress Security:-

How to easily secure your wordpress website using a popular free plugin called all in one wp security. So basically this plugin adds an extra layer of security to your wordpress website. WordPress generally is already pretty secure but just like a normal business or your house you want to add alarms or maybe a security camera system to prevent theft or crime and the basically the same goes for your website. So you want to prevent you know hackers and bots from messing around with your website.

After you’ve activated you should see a little tab here called wp security. you can click on the dashboard. you’ll see a strength meter on the left-hand side and basically all the settings that we enable it will give some points. As an indicator of how secure your website. We’re aiming to get you to know in the green area around here. We’re not going to get 470 because of some of the setting a bit advanced.
This plugin to secure user account, database, file system, htaccess & wp-config.php, firewall, Brule force login attack, whois, comment, front-end text copy etc.

All in one wordpress Security Plugin Download

3. itheme Plugin:-

How you can use a plugin to secure your wordpress website and it takes about one minute. So there’s a ton of plugin that, you can use to secure your website and it should be pretty high up on the priority list of the things. itheme security plugin to protect file change detection, 404 detections, away mode, database backups, hide login, strength password enforcement etc.

iTheme Plugin Download

10 WordPress website in security mistakes:-

Security Mistake

So let’s cover the 10 most common mistake wordpress admin users.
1) The use of the login name is “Admin”.
2) Weak password use in wordpress wp-admin access.
3) Outdated version of wordpress and plugins.
4) Lack of two-factor authentication.
5) Lack of no web application firewall in your website.
6) Excessive use of plugins and themes, design by an unqualified developer or maybe even hackers.
7) Lack of looking down .htaccess file.
8) Lack of consistent malware scan.
9) Improper folder & file permissions.
10) Protecting key wordpress files. Example:-wp-config, wp-admin and wp index.

Content management system incidents:-

1) WordPress in according to data for 2017 is 83 % of website hacked.
2) Joomla 13% website hacked in 2017
3) Magento 6.5% website hacked in 2017
4) Drupal 1.6% website hacked in 2017

I hope that this article would have been nice to you and if there is any question or suggestion, please comment below, and I will answer you.

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