IONMAG theme review

The AdSense is an easy way to make money online, but Professional always use affiliate marketing. The AdSense is best for starter / New blogger and this earning depend on CPC (Cost per click). The CPC increase for select high-quality content and increase click on your website to choose AdSense optimized themes for wordpress. I have found a single one wordpress theme optimize with AdSense. This theme is free and a lot of functions.

IONMAG Theme:-

                           IONMAG is best AdSense optimized wordpress theme for a newspaper, blog, news, magazine website. This theme design for increasing revenue from AdSense without no need for coding skills. IONMAG is the free wordpress theme with Responsive ( adjust in any display sine ), less than 2 second loading time and beat premium wordpress theme features. IONMAG free version offers two type header layout.

Style 1. Default:-   Default in left side logo and right side ads

Style 2. Center Menu and logo:-       Top centre is show ads and below is show menu. 

Logo size:-

 If you have used default style of the header for logo size is

Logo size:- 272×90 Px

Retina logo size:- 544×180 Px 

If you have using style 2 centre logo

Logo size:- 500×234 Px

Retina logo size:- 1000×468 Px

Logo size for mobile and tablet

Logo:- 160×40 Px

Retina logo size:- 320×80 Px

Favicon size upload:-

Favicon always upload .PNG file and size is 16px × 16px

Ionmag theme Download !

Ionmag ads setting:-

1# Header ads:-

                     This theme in use Header ads size is “728×90” also known as a leaderboard. Which can increase earning when use both text and image ads are enabled. If you use Responsive ads to detect automatically devices.

2# Sidebar ads:-

                   This theme for use size of Sidebar size is “300×250” also known as a “medium rectangle”. Which can increase earning to embedded within an end of articles in Relative Posts? You can also use “336×180” size known as a large rectangle, ”300×60” size known as “half page”.

3# Article ads:-

                  Article ads in also use “728×90” leaderboard, but in theme three positions. Article top ads, Inline ads, bottom ads. This theme automatically detects the size if you enter a Google AdSense code.

4# Custom ads Spots:-

                              In this spot in adjust all type ads and size according to space in content or theme location, which you can add Custom Ads.

5# Using non-Adsense ads:-

                                      If you have used other ad networks for just copy and paste the code into ads section or directly paste in article and widget in use text widget in paste code.

6# Show AdSense ads on specific devices:-

                                                             You can disable Adsense ads only on this theme for specific devices. If you do not need specific devices ( Desktop, mobile, tablet ) or resolution is not a perfect for use in theme disable option for different devices.

So that I hope this theme is best for your website in showing Google Adsense ads.

I hope that this article would have been nice to you and if there is any question or suggestion, please comment below, and I will answer you.

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