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WordPress Footer is the bottom of the website where you can add widgets in the privacy policy, term & condition, about short bio and other pages, copyright notices, credit links, Etc.
If you want to edit the WordPress footer and remove the copyright notice/branding in it, then in this article, you will find three ways. In these ways, the options of the WordPress theme can be slightly different, but you will get an idea of ?? how to edit WordPress footer.
After using all these methods, it may be the only thing to note that after updating the theme, your copyright is changed may be, so whenever you update the wordpress theme, once you check the branding text.

1. How to edit footer in wordpress with Footer.PHP:-

Most people use this Way to brand themselves in the footer of their WordPress website footer section. But keep in mind two things before adding your copyright text to footer.php

. First of all, adding a code to the Mistake/Wrong place can cause any damage to the WordPress site’s coding.
. Second things are Your copyright text will be removed when you update the theme of WordPress

Step 1. Login into the WordPress Admin Dashboard

Step 2. Now in the Appearance section click on the editor which is on the left side.

edit footer in wordpress
Step 3. Click on Footer.php which is on the right side
How to edit footer in wordpress
Step 4. Find the code Starting <footer> end tag </footer> and in between this tag show branding line shown in an image to Replace with your copyright text. If you paste the copyright text out of the footer tag, Then add this text to a div container. It also will show the copyright text, but the branding background colour will be white. A different container will appear in WordPress Footer Bottom Section.

Step 5. Click on update

Additional Change in wordpress footer copyright Text:-

Often you will see in the footer part of the website, you will see copyright year/month. These dates are either of the current years or the time the website establish date is necessary because it indicates how many-year-old this website. In this, we will share the solution of a simple PHP coding that will show the old year, current (Year, Month, Date, Time with this format F j, Y g:i a – February 08, 2016 12:50 pm) etc.

php echo
A Good copyright tag line established trust in the user, as well as the website’s quality.
ADD Content on Copyright:-
. The symbol ® is the Registered trademark
. The symbol © is the copyright
. Registered company tag line LLC/ Pvt. Ltd etc.
. Add develope by, hosting by, security by, design by etc.

2. Edit footer with directly theme options:-

You can add directly text to this method, you can’t add live time using this method. These methods can add copyright text to this very simple and without knowing about coding knowledge, but just finding copyright text option in the wordpress theme is hard work.

1) Go to appearance and click on customize

directly edit footer in wordpress
2) Select a layout and click on the footerAdd Copyright Text

3) In footer select logo and add copyright text in a footer text box

Note:- These customizable options can be a little different, as I have mentioned our wordpress theme “Authentic- Lifestyle blog & Magazine”.

3. How to edit footer with wordpress plugin:-

Remove footer credit” wordpress plugin create by Machothemes to remove branding and add your copyright text content. There is no need to add code to the footer.php with the plugin which if incorrectly add to footer.php can cause an error in your site “Remove footer credit” plugin has very few options to keep things simple and easy to use. In this plugin has 2 box designs, Once of which is used to remove branding and another box is designed to add it’s your copyright text.

If there is anything more to relate to this plugin then you can also massage them through this plugin. If there is any Question or Suggestion related to this article, Please comment below and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.



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