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A amazon is world largest E-commerce company with high conversion rate website. Earn up to 12% commission on every purchase through the Amazon affiliate program. It’s free and easy to use, without third party approves of the Amazon affiliate program. The WordPress is a hub of creating a website without coding and skills. Actually, Woocommerce and other plugin feature that allows. You can enter the affiliate link on your website, but Woozone plugin to import data from Amazon store. The online market in available many numbers of Amazon affiliate plugin, but I have chosen the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin specially for you.

What is the Amazon affiliate program?

Amazon affiliate program allows every people to create Blogs /Fan page/ Website into earn money each sale of Amazon products. The best affiliate program creates for use niche topic. The select niche topic into your interest in a product. For example your interest in Electronic/ Fashion/ Sports etc.

What is maximum earning limit into Amazon affiliate program?

Amazon Afiiliate commision rate

No,  Maximum limit of the Amazon affiliate program unlimited. The people making $1 to $25000+ a month, but highest value achievement not an easy. If you can make $5 to $10 in your first month is the best to start. In future learn about affiliate and grow day by day content on your website to possible to earn money of $25000+ per month. Fixed commission for different product categories:- Kindle devices & ebooks, Home & kitchen, Fire tv stick in 10% commission. Electronics & Accessories :- 4% commission. Mobile phone in :- 2.5% commission.

Woozone:-  (Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin)

Today, I have introduced a popular Amazon affiliate plugin. A lot of people are selling Amazon affiliate product on a WordPress website. The reason is easy to use and fully customize with all type of plugin available. Woozone plugin to import product with price, images and description etc. You have saved time using a WordPress plugin to create an e-commerce website. Woozone woocommerce plugin is a fully featured and import every detail of product from Amazon.

This plugin with creating your WordPress e-commerce website store. Woozone plugin import product from Amazon and show off on your website with affiliate links. So if anyone user buys product throw your website to get an affiliate commission on Amazon account.

Woozone is fully suitable with any Woocommerce theme and eCommerce theme. You can choose the option how many pictures you want to import for every one of the products.

Get Now Woozone Plugin

Woozone Features:-

  1. The Bundle package:-

                               The AA- Team is a design of Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin. In this, a bundle get 3 plugins & 1 theme in a package.

                   a) Woozone:- This is a WordPress plugin is an import product from Amazon.

                  b) Woozone contextual:- This is Amazon advertising plugin if you create a blog and unique content but not a success in monetizing on your blog. You are using this plugin to banner & Pop-up of amazon advantage.

                  c) ADF:- ( Amazon Discount finder) Amazon is the world largest online store where people can find a discount, offers, coupon and discount anything then purchase a product. But Amazon on 80% deals & discount is hidden, that all type offer find not an easy.

                 d) Kingdom theme:- A kingdom is fully responsive and comfortable with a woocommerce theme. This theme is free available with Woozone bundle package.

  1. Cookies:-  

    If a user on your website adds to cart then 90 days cookie store on Amazon platform. In 90 days user buy a product from Amazon to get a commission. A normal amazon affiliate link cookies are for 24 hours.

  1. Buy Products:-  

    A user can add a lot of product to cart on your site and then checkout all product through Amazon system.

  1. Import:-   Woozone import

    You can import thousand product from Amazon through a CSV file. You can import all type categories and Subcategories.

  1. Analytics:- 

    You can monitor how many products sold out and what is a conversion of sales. This section is called woozone report card. A track all type of product those can import from Amazon.

  1. Geo-targeting:-Amazon keys fill in Woozone

    You can redirect users from one country to another country.

Woozone cons:-

! Make your site slow

Solution:- Optimize all product image with online tools to compress image size with decrease quality.

! High Price

Solution:- One time fee is $ 70 for 3 plugin + 1 theme.

! Need secret key

Solution:- create the account on Aws amazon and get keys.


Woozone Faqs:-

Q1. Can I use a woozone Plugin in anyone theme?

Ans:- You can use any type of woo-commerce or e-commerce theme.

Q2. If woozone one of the WordPress plugins for Amazon is them any other affiliate plugin that integrates with my website.

Ans:- Yes

Q3. When can I get the woozone amazon affiliate plugin at the Best price?

Ans:- It’s is fixed price $70 for a bundle.

Q4. Should I manually add all products to my affiliate website?

Ans:- Yes, But no need to manually add a product, this plugin to automatically import Product.

Q5. Can I run Amazon affiliate program on more than one country?

Ans:- Yes

I hope that this article would have been nice to you and if there is any question or suggestion, please comment below, and I will answer you.


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